Thinking About a Tesla? Check Out This One!

Amazing by any standards, our 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Sedan is brought to you in Midnight Silver Metallic. Powered by an Electric Drive system that offers 271hp connected to a Single Speed Automatic transmission specifically designed for fantastic EV performance designed to send you to 60mph in just 5 seconds! Travel about 310miles on electricity alone in this Rear Wheel Drive sedan that sees nearly 120MPGe in the city. There's just nothing else quite like our Model 3 with its sleek lines, LED lighting, impressive sunroof, bold wheels, and an overall wow factor that refuses to blend in [...]

Quick and Easy Ways to Find an EV Station in San Diego!

Knowing where some EV stations are along your routes is always a good idea. Here are some ways to locate them! The city of San Diego has a website that is a great resource for finding Charging Stations in and around the San Diego area! It goes into great detail about the cost, payment methods, and anything else you may need to know! Click here to check it out!  PlugShare is a popular choice, for in AND out of San Diego, plus they have an App! They have a great interactive map that you can plan a trip with! They [...]

Get into a Fun Driving Fiat Today!

Meet our environmentally friendly 2017 Fiat 500e Hatchback with Navigation shown in show-stopping Celeste Blu. You'll step out in Italian style that is powered by an 83kw Electric Motor that generates 111hp while tied to a Single Speed transmission for easy passing. This efficient Front Wheel Drive team rewards you with fun driving dynamics and takes you the distance with the equivalent of 122mpge in the city! Sleek wheels and a rear spoiler enhance the aerodynamic exterior of this peppy Fiat that is sure to garner attention whether you're gliding down the freeway in the fast lane or maneuvering your [...]